Arkhangelsk court confines student, 19, to house arrest, suspects of ‘discrediting army’, ‘justifying terrorism’

A court in Russia’s region of Arkhangelsk has confined Olesya Krivtsova, 19 year-old student, to house arrest until 25 February. She is suspected of “discrediting the Russian army” and “publicly justifying terrorism”, Tatyana Britskaya, a newsperson for Novaya-Europe, reports.

The student will not be allowed to use the Internet, mail, or any other means of communication. The investigators requested a pre-trial facility for her.

People supporting Krivtsova reported earlier that unknown individuals had bought two train tickets to her name supposedly to compromise her by making an impression she might leave town. “Neither she, nor her mother, nor any other close family members did this,” the Telegram channel says.

Krivtsova stated in court that she only learned about the ticket purchase from an investigator during interrogation. She also noted that her ID was damaged so she wouldn’t be allowed onboard a train or plane anyway.

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Olesya Krivtsova is a second year student with Russia’s Arctic Federal University. On 26 December, she had her home searched; one of the searching officers had a sledgehammer with him, saying that “PMC Wagner was sending its regards”, the student told the media.

The reason behind Krivtsova’s persecution are her Instagram Stories and messages in a private Telegram chat with her classmates.

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