Russia-installed occupation authorities report two dead following missile strike on Zaporizhzhia region

Two people have been killed in a missile strike on Vasylivka in the occupied part of the Zaporizhzhia region, spokesperson for the region’s occupation authorities Vladimir Rogov said.

Video footage of the consequences of the strike

“The number of the dead has risen to two. The number of those injured is being checked,” Rogov noted via his Telegram channel.

He initially reported that a projectile hit a military command building. He later clarified that a missile had struck an apartment building. At the same time, RT writes that a shell fell on a hotel.

According to Rogov, the Ukrainian side used HIMARS systems to launch the attack. In total, he notes that there were four strikes.

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Earlier today, the Russian Defence Ministry reported that the number of killed military personnel in the Makiivka strike had reached 89.

The defence agency claims that 6 HIMARS missiles were fired at a temporary housing location for a Russian military unit. Two projectiles were shot down by an air-defence system, while the other 4 struck the building. The missiles caused “a collapse of the building structures”.

The Russian ministry believes that the strike was carried out after “the personnel switched on and used their cellphones within the range of the enemy’s weapons despite a ban”. It is alleged that the Ukrainian troops used it to detect and locate the service members’ station.

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