Russian chess player Alexandra Kosteniuk switches nationality to represent Switzerland

Russian chess grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk, 38, will compete under the Swiss flag starting on 1 January 2024, the Swiss Chess Federation (FSE) said in a statement.

Kosteniuk was authorised to play as a FIDE player due to sanctions imposed against the Russian chess federation.

The Russian chess star will not represent Switzerland in 2023 because in this case the FSE would have to pay a commission of $10,000 to its Russian counterpart.

Alexandra Kosteniuk. Photo: <a href="http://en.chessqueen.com/photos?album=1&gallery=212&pid=10533">Kosteniuk's website

Alexandra Kosteniuk. Photo: Kosteniuk's website

FSE spokesperson Peter Erismann noted that Kosteniuk would join the Swiss women’s team, however, she would be able to compete for the men’s one if need be.

Kosteniuk is the 12th women’s world chess champion, two-time Russian women’s chess champion, and a Europe champion. The chess star has obtained Swiss citizenship through marriage.

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