Russia’s online cinema Kion takes New Year’s special by Ivan Urgant, popular Russian TV host with anti-war stance, off air

Russia’s online cinema Kion has taken the New Year’s special Incident in the Multi-Pulti Country off its website. The information has been confirmed to Russia’s media outlet RBC by one of the main actors in the special, TV host Ivan Urgant.

“It has indeed been taken off the air. I don’t know whether it’ll become available [again]. Why the project was taken off the air, I have no clue. I’m giving a B- to these actions,” Urgant says.

The webpage featuring the special is no longer available on the online cinema website (it is, however, visible in Google cash). The special is also available on YouTube.

Film critic Arina Borodina notes that the special was widely advertised in Russia before its premiere, “Multi-Pulti ads were all over Moscow”.

“The night before (the day before the premiere on 31 December — editor’s note), there was a new poster out, showing Ivan Urgant in the role of Karlsson. There was even a trailer out, stylistically reminiscent of Evening Urgant. I posted it in the morning. Before this, Urgant’s role was not announced anywhere. This was his first appearance in a big movie project since 24 February,” Borodina says.

Ivan Urgant used to host the first Russian late night talk show, Evening Urgant. On 24 February, Urgant posted a black square on his Instagram page, with a comment “Fear and pain. NO TO WAR.” Afterwards, Evening Urgant was taken off the air.

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