Latvia not to revoke visas for TV Rain employees

Latvia’s Citizenship and Migration Affairs Board has decided not to revoke work permit visas for employees of TV Rain, a Russian independent TV channel that recently lost its broadcasting licence in the country, Delfi и tvnet.lv cite Latvian television.

After the licence had been revoked, the Board started considering also revoking the visas of the channel’s employees which provided the right to employment and were issued for one year. The Board has concluded that TV Rain employees who have been issued such visas may stay in Latvia and continue working there.

TV Rain has explained that the purpose of the visa, employment, is still relevant as its employees continue to create content for distribution on social media and digital channels. The Board stated that if the purpose of the visa remains relevant, then there is no legal reason to revoke the visas.

Latvia’s Migration Board requested an explanation from TV Rain in mid-December, wondering what 13 channel’s employees would be doing in the country after the licence had been revoked.

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