European Parliament recognises Soviet famine Holodomor as Ukrainian genocide

The European Parliament has passed the resolution to recognise the Holodomor, a Soviet man-made famine in 1932-1933, as a Ukrainian genocide, the official website of the EU institution reports.

The resolution text says that the famine in Ukraine was inflicted on Ukraine by deliberate policies of the Soviet regime.

“MEPs strongly condemn these acts, which resulted in the deaths of millions of Ukrainians, and call on all countries and organisations that have not yet done so to follow suit and recognise it as genocide,” the website announcement reads.

The resolution was backed by 507 MEPs, 12 voted against, while 17 more abstained.

In late November, Germany also recognised the Holodomor as a genocide. The Bundestag’s resolution reads that it represents “a crime against humanity”.

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