Around 1700 dead seals found on shore of Caspian Sea, ‘natural factors’ is the reason, local Russian officials say

About 1700 dead Caspian seals have been found on the shore of the Caspian Sea in Russia’s Dagestan. The number is provided by RIA Novosti. The Dagestani Ministry of Natural Resources claims the seals died ‘of natural factors’.

“The state of the internal organs of the studied seals did not confirm the hypothesis of their intoxication with heavy metals or pesticides,” the agency noted, adding that “the death of more than 300 seals will not be able to critically affect their population”.

“Massive cases of seals beaching themselves in the Dagestani part of the Caspian Sea occur every several years,” the agency claims.

Photo: The Dagestani Ministry of Natural Resources

Photo: The Dagestani Ministry of Natural Resources

Only 700 dead seals were reported yesterday, but the number has been updated and may increase in the future. Russia’s Investigative Committee is conducting an inquiry into the matter.

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