More parcels with explosives discovered in Spain; they were mailed to Prime Minister and Defence Ministry

After the explosion in the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid, several more parcels with explosives inside have been discovered in Spain, El Mundo reports, citing police.

Parcels with explosives were recently sent to the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, to the Defence Ministry of Spain, and to the Satellite Centre of the Torrejón Air Base. No one was hurt.

Spain’s police sees connection between all three incidents.

Furthermore, the explosive devices have been delivered to the Instalaza company, which, among other things, supplies Kyiv with arms, and to the US Embassy in Madrid, TV channel La Sexta claims.

The Russian Embassy in Spain declared that it condemns “all threats and terrorist acts, especially the ones against diplomatic missions”.

Yesterday, a parcel exploded in Ukraine’s Embassy in Madrid; it was addressed to the Ukrainian Ambassador Serhiy Pohoreltsev. The parcel did not have a return address, which the secretary found suspicious. The woman gave the box to the commandant.

The explosion occurred soon after the commandant had gone to the front yard, opened the parcel, heard something click inside, and threw the box aside. The commandant ended up with slight injuries on his hands and “something akin to concussion”, the ambassador said.

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