Unknown man opens fire in town of Krymsk in Russia’s south. Four people killed, including the shooter

In the town of Krymsk, Krasnodar region of Russia, an unidentified man has opened fire in the street, near a mall. Videos of the shooting have been shared on social media.


Russia’s Investigative Committee has initiated a criminal case on murder. Head of the committee Alexander Bastrykin has ordered the central office to monitor the case closely.

According to investigators, a 66-year-old local resident fired several shots at two people he knew “because of personal animosity”, and then shot another man. All three victims died instantly. Another man, 61, was injured by the attacker, he was hospitalised. After the incident, the attacker shot himself.

Law enforcement agencies told Russia’s state news agency TASS that at least four people had been killed, the shooter among them. The Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed this information.

According to the ministry, the shooter was a 66-year-old local resident. At first, he shot two people in a medical centre, then he exited the building, and opened fire on passers-by. Following the shooting in the street, one person was killed, while another was severely injured. Then, the attacker shot himself.

“Law enforcement agents arrived at the scene. Currently, all circumstances are being established. According to preliminary data, the cause of the incident could be divorce proceedings involving the attacker,” head of the Krasnodar region Infernal Affairs Minister press service, Alexander Runov said.

The Krasnodar region Investigative Committee has initiated a criminal case on murder of three people and attempt on life of the fourth.

According to investigators, the first two victims personally knew the attacker, he shot them due to “personal animosity”. The identity of the third victim is being established.

According to Russian Telegram channels Baza and 112, the shooter’s name is Vladimir Zhirov. The outlets claim that the man conducted the shooting because of a fight with his ex-wife. Zhirov previously sued his ex-wife and son over a flat, but he lost the case, Baza and 112 report.

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