Court upholds acquittal of Russian artist Yulia Tsvetkova, previously on trial for ‘pornographic’ drawings of women’s bodies

A court in Russia’s Khabarovsk has rejected the appeal of the prosecution against the acquittal of Russian artist Yulia Tsvetkova, who was previously accused of “disseminating pornography” over drawings of female sexual organs published on her Vagina Monologues VK page.

This means that Tsvetkova has been fully exonerated, her mother Anna Khodyreva said.

On 15 July, a court in Russia’s Komsomolsk-on-Amur acquitted Tsvetkova. The prosecution previously requested three years and two months in prison for the artist.

Yulia Tsvetkova is an artist and LGBT-activist from Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia’s Khabarovsk region. She was charged with “disseminating pornographic materials” in 2019. The court hearings on her case were held behind closed doors, as the hearings “may reveal intimate details of the participants’ lives” and “consider materials deemed to be pornographic by the prosecution”, court representatives suggested.

On 22 July, Tsvetkova was included on Russia’s “foreign agent” list.

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