Belgorod governor reports woman killed in shelling of Shebekino

One woman was killed in the shelling of Shebekino, says Vyacheslav Gladkov, the local governor.

“A civilian woman was killed in the shelling of Shebekino. She suffered a head injury in a shockwave. The doctors did their best to help her, but the woman died in the ambulance,” Gladkov said.

The Ukrainian army also shelled a vets hospital today, Gladkov claims. No people were injured inside the facility, although the hospital building was damaged. “The projectiles damaged the facade and smashed several windows, the nearby area had a gas pipe damaged, too,” the governor says.

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Earlier today, Gladkov shared pictures of fortification lines to which he refers as “abatis lines” being constructed on the border with Ukraine. He stated that the Belgorod region authorities were “preparing for all sorts of scenarios.” The governor did not elaborate on the construction talks, explaining that “open source information may be monitored by the opponent.”

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