Kazakhstan goes to polls in snap presidential elections

Kazakhstan is holding snap presidential elections, the voting has already begun, Kazakh media report.

Tokayev has already voted. Photo: the Kazakh president’s official website

Tokayev has already voted. Photo: the Kazakh president’s official website

Polling stations opened at 7:00 AM Astana time in most regions.

Six candidates are vying for the top job:

  • Incumbent President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev (People’s Coalition)
  • Nurlan Auesbaev (opposition, National Social Democratic Party)
  • Meiram Kazhyken (Amanat Commonwealth of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan)
  • Zhiguli Dairabaev (Auyl People’s Democratic Patriotic Party)
  • Karakat Abden (National Alliance of Professional Social Workers)
  • Saltanat Tursynbekova (nominated by the association “Kazakh Mothers — The Way to Traditions”)

Kazakh citizens can also choose to vote against all of these candidates.

Media outlets report that all six politicians seeking to lead the country have already cast their ballots.

The voting closes today at 10:00 PM.

As of now, the turnout has reached 39%.

On 17 September, Tokayev signed a law, introducing amendments to the national constitution. The capital was renamed once again, from Nur-Sultan to Astana, while presidents can now only serve one seven-year term.

On 1 September, Tokayev announced that snap presidential elections would be held in autumn and suggested limiting the presidential mandate to one term of seven years without the possibility of reelection. “National interests stand above all for me. Therefore, I am willing to shorten my term in office and announce snap presidential elections,” he then said.

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