Crimean resident sentenced to 3 years in prison in administration building arson case

A Crimea court has sentenced local resident Aziz Fayzullayev to three years behind bars for setting the administration building of the Pushkino village on fire, the Solidarity Zone project reports.

Apart from that, the man was fined 596,810 rubles (€9,500), while his car and phone were seized.

The verdict was delivered on 26 October, it was published on 17 November. The man was found guilty of destroying property through dangerous means.

The prosecution believes that in the early hours of 6 June Fayzullayev threw two Molotov cocktails at the administration building, setting the deputy room on fire and destroying property.

According to the verdict text, the man committed this act of arson because he opposed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine because his friends and family live here. The sentence notes that the man followed news on Telegram and “trusted news flows from the Ukrainian media”.

Two days after the arson incident, Telegram channels published an apology video by Fayzullayev, where he accepts responsibility for the fire in the administration building and says that he “felt a sense of shame” for what he did. Fayzullayev’s sister said that she had no doubt the video had been made under pressure.

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