Belarus border control discovers body of Iraqi national on Polish border

Belarusian patrol agents have discovered an Iraqi national’s body on the border with Poland, the Belarusian border control service reports.

The agency notes that the man did not wear any warm outdoor clothing.

“The nature of traces left on the border point to the fact that the body was moved from Poland to Belarus,” the service stressed.

An investigative unit was dispatched to the site, a probe is underway.

According to the Belarusian border control agency, an Afghan migrant carrying a male body was found on the border with Lithuania earlier.

“When questioned, the Afghan citizen said that Lithuanian military personnel drove him and the corpse to the border fence. He was then threatened with weapons and forced to drag the body across the gate to the Belarusian side,” the agency noted.

In early October, Belarusian patrol agents said that they had discovered a dead body near the Polish border fence. They believe that Polish border guards could have planted the body on the Belarusian side.

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