Retired woman sent to pre-trial facility in Russia for ‘violence against law enforcers’ during anti-war rally

Natalya Filonova, a retiree, has been sent to a pre-trial facility in Russia’s Ulan-Ude, accused of “use of violence” against law enforcers, her defender Nadezhda Nizovkina has told Novaya-Europe.


Filonova will be held under custody at least until 5 December. She is facing up to 10 years in prison. She was under house arrest before. Her defender says the woman had her house arrest replaced by pre-trial detention for leaving her house without receiving the investigator’s approval.

“The court ruled that she travelled outside her place of residence. But in fact, she notified the investigator that she had an emergency. Her child was with her husband in the Chita region, the man had a heart attack and was sent to hospital. She reported this to the investigator, but he denied her request to leave,” said Nizovkina.

Filonova also declared a hunger strike two days ago while being transported to the pre-trial facility. She had her home searched a month ago when she had a ballpoint pen, allegedly used to hurt a policeman, confiscated. Filonova’s defender says the pen was taken out from a pen box owned by Filonova’s child.

Filonova nd Nizovkina were detained in late September at a rally against mobilisation. They were charged with repeated violation of public event regulation. She is accused of using violence against two policemen while being transported to a police station.

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