Reuters: Biden said to allies explosion in Poland was caused by Ukrainian air defence system

The US President Biden has informed G7 leaders and NATO partners that the blast in Poland had been caused by a Ukrainian air defence missile, Reuters cites a NATO source.

“A NATO source said Biden had informed Group of Seven and NATO partners that the blast in Poland had been caused by a Ukrainian air defence missile,” Reuters says.

Biden said earlier today that the missile that detonated late yesterday in Poland probably had not been fired from Russia. Reuters believes the US and NATO would prefer to wait until the investigation is complete before taking action.

Polish radio station Zet was first to announce that two missiles had hit the locality of Przewodów, the Lublin Voivodeship, yesterday evening. The local firefighters confirmed that there had been explosions in the area. At the same time, a brigade captain said that it was unclear what caused the incident. He also said that two people died at the emergency site.

Polish air force jets took off from the airfield in Tomaszów Lubelski shortly afterwards. Military expert Jarosław Wolski published photos from the missile landing site in Poland, suggesting that it could be either a Russian cruise missile or a Ukrainian air defence system missile but urged to wait for an official report. AP reported, citing a US intelligence official, that the missiles that crossed into Poland could be Russian.

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Poland’s Foreign Ministry later announced that a missile made in Russia hit an area near the border with Ukraine; the agency later summoned Russia’s ambassador in the country. The Polish leader Andrzej Duda noted that there was no accurate evidence on which side had launched the missile shortly before Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki urgently convened the committee of the ministerial council for national security and defence, his press service reported.

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