Press Emblem Campaign awards Novaya Gazeta Europe journalist Ekaterina Glikman ‘for commitment to press freedom in Russia’

The Press Emblem Campaign (PEC) Swiss NGO has awarded Ekaterina Glikman, a Novaya Gazeta Europe journalist, “for her ongoing and exemplary commitment to press freedom in Russia”.

PEC President Blaise Lempen notes, “The state of press freedom in Russia has deteriorated considerably since the Russian invasion of Ukraine decided by President Vladimir Putin in February 2022. Many Russian journalists have chosen to go into exile to continue to work freely. The PEC 2022 award is dedicated to them.”

“Ekaterina continues her fight for free information from Switzerland. She and the entire Novaya Gazeta Europe team deserve our encouragement until Russia finds its way back to freedom. It is in Moscow that the fate of Ukrainians and Europe is at stake and we must support the Russians who oppose the war crimes perpetrated every day by the Kremlin in Ukraine,” he adds.

Ekaterina Glikman. Photo from personal archives

Ekaterina Glikman. Photo from personal archives

During the award ceremony in Geneva, Glikman thanked the PEC for the support.

“I started working as a journalist at exactly the same time as Putin came to power. So I witnessed from the inside how the space of free journalism shrank during his rule until it disappeared completely. But… If it is no longer possible to provide Russians with truthful information being in Russia, then it must be done from abroad. Why do it? Does it make any sense if the country is poisoned by years of propaganda and it is impossible to compete with it? My answer is yes.

People should not be left alone with propaganda. No people deserve that,”

she underlined.

Glikman has worked at Novaya Gazeta for more than 20 years.

The PEC was founded in Geneva in 2004 by a group of journalists of various nationalities to enhance safety and security of media workers all over the world. Since 2009, the organisation has been awarding its annual award to a person or an entity working in the journalist protection and freedom of the press area.

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