‘Destructive war should be stopped.’ Volodymyr Zelensky addresses G20 summit

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has delivered a speech at the G20 summit via a video link, it was announced via his official Telegram channel.

“I am convinced now is the time when the Russian destructive war must and can be stopped. It will save thousands of lives,” he said.

Photo: Zelensky’s G20 summit address

Photo: Zelensky’s G20 summit address

In the speech, Zelensky laid out ten points to resolve the situation in the country:

1. Radiation and nuclear safety.

2. Food security.

3. Energy security.

4. Release of all prisoners and deported persons.

5. Implementation of the UN Charter and restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and the world order

6. Withdrawal of Russian troops and cessation of hostilities.

7. Restoration of justice.

8. Countering ecocide.

9. Preventing escalation.

10. Confirmation of the end of the war.

The Ukrainian leader also backed the G7 initiative to impose a price cap on Russian oil. In his speech, Zelensky several times thanked G19 — with the exclusion of Russia — for clearly letting it be know that “there could not be any justification for nuclear blackmail”.

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The G20 summit takes place in Indonesia on 15-16 November. The Financial Times claims that the G20 members have agreed a draft communique where they reject the “era of war” and the use of nuclear weapons.

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