Putin proposes revoking acquired Russian citizenship for ‘discrediting’ Russia’s army

Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed to revoke acquired Russian citizenship for “discrediting” the army or calls to violate the territorial integrity of the country. The corresponding amendment to the bill, which had passed the first reading, was submitted to the State Duma (Russia’s lower house of Parliament).

The list of crimes, which, according to Putin, should lead to the revocation of citizenship, also include:

  • Participation in activities of a foreign or international organisation deemed “unfavourable” on the territory of Russia
  • Dissemination of “fake news” about Russia’s Armed Forces
  • Public calls for extremism
  • Attempt on the life of a government official
  • Organisation of armed insurrection
  • Brigandage, robbery, bribery
  • Vandalism
  • Desecration of the state emblem or flag of Russia

The bill passed the first reading in April. In the first draft, acquired citizenship was revoked for grave crimes against the state, terrorism, drug trafficking, and falsification of documents, as well as at the voluntary request of a citizen.

Furthermore, the bill expands the powers of the head of state when it comes to establishing the categories of people who have the right to a simplified acquisition of citizenship process.

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