Founder of Crimea safari park posts video showing him stealing raccoons, donkey, and llama from Kherson zoo

Founder of the Crimea safari park Taigan, Oleg Zubkov, has posted a video which shows him taking raccoons, a donkey, and a llama from the zoo in Kherson, he refers to the content of the video as saving the animals.

In the video, employees of the zoo take a llama out of the enclosure and put it in the car. Then, Zubkov is seen catching racoons with his hands and putting them in cages.

Today, videos titled “Wolves from Kherson arrive in Taigan and enter their new enclosure!” and “Llama Roma from Kherson is SO APPROACHABLE, all visitors have to love him)))” were posted on the channel of the Taigan park press service chief Tatiana Alexagina.

Earlier, propagandist Anna Dolgareva shared information on her Telegram channel about Russian soldiers having stolen a raccoon from the zoo in Kherson. “A lot of people asked me to share some good news from Kherson. But the only good news is that my friend managed to steal a raccoon from the Kherson zoo,” she wrote.

Oleg Zubkov is a Crimea-based businessman and blogger. He runs a YouTube channel titled “Oleg Zubkov — LEO MAN”, which has 675,000 subscribers.

Zubkov has regularly been investigated by Russian authorities due to violations in the Taigan safari park. For example, a Belogorodsky district court previously sentenced Zubkov to two years and three months behind bars for performing service that does not meet safety standards. This summer, a lion bit a one-year-old toddler in the businessman’s park. Following the incident, the child’s finger was amputated. At the end of October, Crimea’s Supreme Court overturned the sentence.

In 2020, Zubkov was similarly tried in a case on a lion attacking a park visitor. Back then, he was acquitted; Crimea’s head Sergey Aksyonov vouched for him.

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