Explosion hits İstiklal Avenue in İstanbul, at least six people reportedly killed

An explosion hit the famous pedestrian street İstiklal Avenue in İstanbul, Turkey, Yenisafak reports.

According to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, at least six people were killed as a result of the explosion, 53 were wounded.

Governor of İstanbul Ali Yerlikaya previously stated that the explosion had occurred around 4:20 PM local time (GMT+3).

İstiklal Avenue was closed off due to the risks of a second explosion, people are not being permitted to come near the explosion site. Police and medical staff are at work on the site.

Photo: Igor Bliznets for Novaya Gazeta Europe

Photo: Igor Bliznets for Novaya Gazeta Europe

The Prosecutor General’s Office of İstanbul has categorised the explosion as terrorist attack. A video allegedly showing the moment of the blast has been shared online.

It is also being reported that Turkish authorities have prohibited the media from live streaming from the explosion site. TV channels have interrupted their broadcasting and started to report on other news, journalists are being made to leave the explosion site.

The policemen have cordoned off the site and Taksim Square located several blocks away.

Photo: Igor Bliznets for Novaya Gazeta Europe

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