Photos and footage of destroyed Antonivka Road Bridge appear on social media, occupation ‘authorities’ claim it is in ‘same condition’

Photos and footage of the destroyed Antonivka Road Bridge in Kherson have appeared on social media.

Alexander Kots, a pro-Russian war correspondent, has published a video of the destroyed bridge. “Behind my back are the two destroyed spans of the Antonivka Bridge. Presumably it was blown up when the Russian grouping left the west bank of the Dnipro for the east one. We have no troops on the west bank now. It looks like the opponent has not reached the bridge from the other side as of yet. We can see the locals coming here willing to cross the river,” Kots says.

Sergey Yeliseev, a representative of the occupation “authorities” who is now in Crimea’s Simferopol, claims the bridge is intact and is “in the same condition”: “The bridge has not been blown up. It is in the same condition.” Around 60-70 thousand civilians may be still on the west bank, Yeliseev says.

The Antonivka Road Bridge suffered numerous attacks during the Ukraine War. After the attack on 27 July the bridge was declared unusable and was closed for traffic. The bridge connects the city of Kherson, the regional capital, with the rest of the region on the east bank of the River Dnipro, the area also under Russian occupation. The bridge has been used by Russia to move vehicles and weapons.

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