Russian MoD announces withdrawal from Kherson

Russia’s Defence Ministry has announced that their servicemen have started withdrawal from Kherson, according to the ministry’s statement.

“Manoeuvres of the Russian grouping on the Mykolaiv-Kryvyi Rih direction to the prepared positions on the eastern bank of the Dnipro are going according to the plan,” says the statement.

The agency also reported successfully defending several counterattack attempts on the directions of Kupiansk, Lyman, and south of Donetsk.

Russia’s Defence Minister Shoigu ordered the country’s troops to withdraw from Kherson to the eastern bank of the River Dnipro yesterday, 41 days after the region was declared part of Russia. Sergey Surovikin, the commander of Russia’s troops, said the country’s army “relaunched offensive on some of the directions.” He believes that the “setting has been stabilised.”

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