Kemerovo resident added to Russia’s list of extremists and terrorists, accused of attempted draft office arson

Yelena Sharova, a woman from Russia’s Kemerovo in Siberia, has been accused of attempting to set a military conscription office on fire and added to the country’s list of terrorists and extremists, a Telegram channel monitoring updates to the list says.

It is unknown what article of Russia’s Criminal Code was used to accuse Sharova.

The attempted arson of the draft office in Kemerovo occurred on 28 October. An unknown individual threw a bottle of flammable liquid at the building on 28 October.

It was reported by SHOT that Yelena Sharova, a QS engineer, was the arsonist. Allegedly, she wanted to throw the bottle at the building’s door, but it fell down next to the doorstep. The woman was then detained by the police.

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