Personal data of 2.1 million users of Yappy, Russia’s alternative to TikTok, leaked online. Company says the leak is not serious

“Pro-Ukrainian hackers” broke into Yappy, a Russian version of TikTok sponsored by Gazprom-media, stole personal data of more than 2.1 platform users, and leaked it online, Data1eaks service reported via its Telegram channel.

Screenshot: Yappy's main website page

Screenshot: Yappy's main website page

Data1eaks claims that usernames, dates of birth, phone numbers, and information about other social media platforms linked to Yappy accounts can now be openly accessed. The stolen information is valid as of July 2022, Data1eaks adds.

Yappy, in turn, said that the leaked data is not current and is depersonalised.

“Now, dumps <…> containing nicknames and phone numbers can be openly accessed. Yappy does not gather users’ surnames, dates of birth, and other personal data. No leak could lead to their uncontrollable spreading,” the company said.

In early October, DNS, a Russian consumer electronic retail chain, reported a personal data leak affecting customers and employees.

“We can see that the attack was carried out by a group of hackers. The hacking operation was launched through servers located outside of Russia. We have already found holes in our information infrastructure and are engaged in works to strengthen our data security,” DNS said.

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