Russia’s FSB detains 9 Ukrainians who were allegedly plotting terrorist attacks on Kherson region occupation ‘authorities’

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) reports that a Ukrainian nine-member sabotage and reconnaissance group, who was allegedly following orders of the Ukrainian Security Service to plot terrorist attacks on “high-ranking members” of the Kherson occupation administration, has been detained.

“Activities of a Ukrainian Security Service sabotage and reconnaissance group, whose tasks included committing terrorist attacks against high-ranking members of the military and civilian administration of the Kherson region, were uncovered and foiled,” the FSB notes.

The security service adds that more than 5 kg of plastic explosives, electric detonators, actuators, three grenades, firearms, ammunition, and “special reconnaissance devices” were seized.

Particularly, a car rigged with explosives was found. The sabotage group was allegedly planning to use it to assassinate representatives of the Russia-appointed administration, the FSB says.

The nine men are now investigated under the international terrorism article of the Russian criminal code. They were also placed under arrest.

Last week, Melitopol resident Yaroslav Zhuk said that he confessed under torture to being involved in an explosion near a college on 17 June.

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