Russian court releases 60-year-old St. Petersburg resident who left a note on grave of Putin’s parents from house arrest

A court in Russia’s Saint Petersburg has released the 60-year-old Irina Tsybaneva from house arrest, under which she had been put in accordance with the criminal case initiated against her for leaving a note on the grave of Vladimir Putin’s parents, media outlet Zaks.ru reports, citing its correspondent.

Tsybaneva was prohibited from certain actions: she is not allowed to use the Internet and visit the Serafimovskoe Cemetery — the place where she left the note on the grave of Putin’s parents. She spent two months under house arrest.

According to the investigation, Tsybaneva left a note that contained an “offensive writing” on the grave on 6 October. A criminal case on desecration of the dead and their burial grounds was initiated against her. She is facing up to five years in a penal colony.

“Parents of the maniac, please bring him to you, there’s so much trouble and pain because of him, the whole world is praying for his death. Death to Putin, you brought up a monstrous murderer,” the note left at the grave read, as quoted by Mediazona.

During the court hearing, she said that she had decided to leave the note after “watching the news and understanding that things were terrible, that there were so many victims [of the Ukraine War].”

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