Search conducted by police at place of Chair of Libertarian Party of Russia

In Russia’s city of Samara, law enforcement agents have come to the flat of the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Russia (LPR) Boris Fedyukin with a search warrant, the LPR Telegram channel reports.

Fedyukin is accused of being involved in dissemination of knowingly false information related to an act of terrorism, the message states. At the end of September, an email about bombs being planted in Samara’s courts came to the email address of the city administration of Samara, which led to the initiation of the criminal case, as follows from the search warrant.

At the beginning of March, Fedyukin’s place had already been searched in connection with this article of the Criminal Code. After the search, he was taken to a police department for an interrogation; back then, he was treated as a witness.

“The absurdity and groundlessness of the accusations against Fedyukin are understood by everyone who knows him personally or is aware of what the Libertarian Party does: our programmes are insistent that political fighting should be conducted peacefully,” the Telegram message concludes.

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