At least 8,294 Russian combatants killed in Ukraine War identified, 115 of them were draftees

According to open data, at least 8,294 Russian combatants were killed in the Ukraine War, 115 of them were men drafted during mobilisation, as per Mediazona, BBC and a team of volunteers.

This is the current data as of 4 November. Over the past month, at least 825 military personnel lost their lives. At the same time, the journalists note that the information for the last weeks is by far incomplete and may change greatly in the future.

To date, the deaths of over 1,300 officers have been confirmed, the publication says. “Their proportion within the total death toll is decreasing. In late April, every fifth death report concerned an officer, now it is every sixth,” the journalists say. This ratio may indicate that Russia uses officers on the battlefield more often than the Western armies do, Samuel Cranny-Evans, an expert with the British Royal United Services Institute, has told the BBC.

At least 94 pilots were killed. Their losses are especially painful for the army as “the training of one first-class front-line aviation pilot takes 7 to 8 years and costs about 3.4 million dollars,” the publication says.

Russia’s Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu said on 21 September that 5,937 Russian soldiers were killed during the Ukraine War. BBC Russia noted back then that they could confirm more deaths, each killed person having been identified by the name, with many more unidentified deaths on top of that.

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