Two Russian servicemen suspected of raping pregnant woman near Kyiv

The Ukrainian national police have reported that two Russian servicemembers from the 90th tank division are now suspected of raping a pregnant woman and torturing civilians near Kyiv in March 2022, the police said via its website.

According to the police, two armed servicemen attacked a local woman in the street, beat her up, knocked her teeth out, pointed a gun at her back, forced her to go into a house and raped her. The woman was pleading with the attackers not to touch her saying that she is pregnant, but it did not stop them. The third person of interest in the case was on the lookout to keep any potential people away during the crime.

The woman lost her baby after her ordeal, the police added.

The Russians are now investigated under the violation of laws and customs and war article of the Ukrainian Criminal Code. They are facing up to 12 years in prison.

Photo: the national police of Ukraine

Photo: the national police of Ukraine

In April, bodies with signs of torture were found in Bucha, a city located 37 km to the northwest of Kyiv. Bucha was occupied by Russian troops for more than a month after the invasion of Ukraine began on 24 February.

On 1 April, the city was retaken by the Ukrainian army, and Ukrainian authorities and international reporters started publishing photos and videos showing dead bodies in civilian clothing lying around the city of Bucha, some of them had their hands tied.

Head of the Kyiv administration Oleksandr Pavlyuk said that more than 400 people had been killed in Bucha. Head of the main department of the Kyiv region’s national police Andriy Nebitov reported that the number of dead bodies of civilians had exceeded 900.

The Russian Defence Ministry rejects all accusations, saying that the Bucha operation is allegedly “a staged operation of the Kyiv regime for the Western media.”

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