Governor of Russia’s Kursk region reports shelling by Ukraine: five injured, including three children

Five residents of the Guyevo village in Russia’s Kursk region were injured in an attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including three children, governor of Russia’s Kursk region Roman Starovoyt has reported on his Telegram channel.

Photo: Roman Starovoyt's Telegram channel

Photo: Roman Starovoyt's Telegram channel

“On the morning of 2 November, the Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled the border village of Guyevo, in the Sudzha district. Five people were injured, including three children. Everyone was hospitalised, there is no threat to their lives. Several houses have been damaged, including a local grocery shop. Windows have been shattered and power lines have been damaged — there is no power in the village so far,” the governor wrote.

Yesterday, Starovoyt reported that Ukraine had shelled the settlement of Krasnooktyabrsky in the border district of Glushkovo. No one was injured.

Border villages in Russia’s Kursk, Bryansk, and Belgorod regions have regularly come under attack since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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