Journalist Zayakin, politician Katz wanted in Russia

Russia’s Interior Ministry has put Andrey Zayakin, the co-founder of Dissernet, a community network revealing academic plagiarism, and a journalist for Novaya Gazeta on their wanted list, Mediazona reports.

Zayakin was detained in Moscow on 28 August. His house was searched by police. The reporter was charged with financing extremist activity, accused of transferring 1,000 rubles (€16) to Alexey Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK). Zayakin’s freedoms have been limited: he is not allowed to leave his home at night and use the Internet. He refuses to provide testimony, using his constitutional right to remain silent.


Maxim Katz, a politician and YouTuber, was declared wanted, Mediazona says.

It is unclear what Katz is wanted for. The politician says he is accused of “spreading fakes about the Russian army” and became aware of a criminal procedure against him several months ago. “It was amusing how I found out about it. I requested an official statement that I had no criminal record, but it turned out I had,” the politician says.


Katz was added to the list of “foreign agents” in July.

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