Russia’s MoD: all forces and facilities on standby amid Ukraine’s potential ‘dirty bomb’ threat

Russia’s Defence Ministry says it has “organised work to counter possible provocations from Ukraine," as per the agency’s official Telegram channel.

“All forces and facilities have been put on standby and are ready to act in case of a nuclear contamination,” reads the statement. The Ministry considers the threat of Ukraine using a “dirty bomb” to be real. “Ukraine has a motive for using a ‘dirty bomb,’ as well as scientific, technical and manufacturing potential for its creation.”

The MoD’s theory is that Ukraine will try to present Russia as a nuclear terrorist, intimidate the local population, and increase the refugee flow to Europe.

The ministry also claims President Zelensky’s office discussed obtaining nuclear technology with the UK representatives.

Sergey Shoigu, Russia’s Defence Minister, called four Defence Ministers of NATO member states and warned them about a potential usage of a “dirty bomb” by Ukraine yesterday. Russia’s RIA Novosti reported of a potential usage of a “dirty bomb” earlier, citing its own source. “The Kyiv regime is preparing a false flag op on its territory: an explosion of a so-called ‘dirty bomb’ or a low-capacity nuclear load,” the piece said.

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