Ukrainian refugees’ dorm building burns down in Germany; authorities suspect arson

In Germany’s Gross Strömkendorf, a dorm building housing Ukrainian refugees has burnt almost entirely down; none of the 14 people living there were hurt, all the residents were able to leave the building promptly, Deutsche Welle reports.

Three employees of the building also were not harmed. The Ukrainian refugees were placed in a different building.

The police say that they are treating arson as the potential cause of the fire. 

According to DW, police agents visited the dorm building on the day of the fire due to graffiti with swastika being painted on the hotel sign, the district’s administration head Tino Schomann says.

“Basing [my opinion], among other things, on my years of experience working as a fireman, I currently suspect that the fire was started deliberately,” he speculates.

An investigation team is on the scene, up to 120 firemen and 20 fire trucks were brought forward to extinguish the fire, DW notes. An expert will establish the exact cause of the fire.

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