European Parliament Member Sergey Lagodinsky calls for issuance of humanitarian visas to Russians who come out against war

During a plenary session of the European Parliament, Member of the Parliament Sergey Lagodinsky has called for creation of an all-European humanitarian visa programme for Russians who come out against war.

“We need EU-wide humanitarian visas now! The future of Russia is sitting in the cold corridors of our migration agencies. Dissidents, journalists, writers–most of them fled their homes to escape a murderous state. Let‘s help this tiny minority who represents Russia’s democratic future,” he said.

According to Lagodinsky, issuing visas to Russians is not only a moral duty for EU countries but also a decision in their best interest.

In the middle of September, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia agreed to restrict the entry of Russians with valid Schengen visas through land borders with Russia and Belarus. The exceptions were made for truck drivers, diplomates, and people arriving for family or humanitarian reasons. Finland and Poland banned entry for Russians with short-term visas.

Foreign Minister of Czechia Jan Lipavský said that, starting from 25 October, Russian citizens arriving in Czechia through external borders of the Schengen zone with tourist visas would be denied entry.

The European Commission also approved the suspension of the visa facilitation agreement with Russia.

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