Estonian parliament labels Russian regime terrorist

The Riigikogu, Estonia’s parliament, has declared the Russian regime terrorist, ERR reports. The parliament’s statement which condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and annexation of territories was supported by 88 MPs in a unanimous voting.

“The Riigikogu has declared Russia a terrorist regime and the Russian Federation a country which supports terrorism, whose actions we must confront together,” reads the statement.

The MPs, however, did not back several amendments to the document, such as a call upon the EU and NATO member states to withdraw their ambassadors from Moscow and close all diplomatic missions, as well as a call upon the EU countries to deny asylum for Russian nationals and send men subject to mobilisation back to Russia.

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The Latvian parliament adopted a similar resolution last month; 67 out of 100 MPs voted in favour of it. Russia’s actions in Ukraine can be described as deliberate genocide of the Ukrainian people,” read the statement.

Lithuania’s parliament declared Russia “a country that supports and performs acts of terrorism” on 10 May.

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