At least three people killed as result of explosion on Crimean Bridge

As a result of the explosion on the Crimean Bridge, at least three people were killed, Russia’s Investigative Committee reports.

“At the present moment, two bodies have been pulled out from the water — a man and a woman, their identities are being established,” the committee’s message reads.

The Investigative Committee speculates that the victims were in a passenger car that was near the truck that had blown up.

The investigators also reported that they had established the identity of the truck owner. “It’s a resident of the Krasnodar region, investigative actions have been initiated at the place of his residence. The car’s movement route and the according documentation are being studied,” the Investigative Committee claims.

Telegram channel Mash reports that the truck was registered to the name of Boris Yusubov. The outlet also claims, citing a relative, that Yusubov had sold his car before the incident, however, the new owner did not want to register the vehicle in their name.

Allegedly, the picture shows Boris Yusubov. Photo: Mash Telegram channel

Allegedly, the picture shows Boris Yusubov. Photo: Mash Telegram channel

Earlier today, a truck blew up on the Crimean Bridge. Following the explosion, the bridge roadway was damaged, a train carrying combustible materials that had been passing over the bridge caught fire. The peninsula is currently cut off from its automobile and railway passage.

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