Forbes: about 700,000 people leave Russia since mobilisation started

Approximately 700,000 people have left Russia since mobilisation was announced, Forbes Russia reports, citing sources in the Kremlin.

Another source of the media outlet suggests that nearly a million people have left Russia already. It is not known how many people left for tourist purposes and how many plan to return.

Earlier, Kazakhstan’s interior minister stated that about 200,000 Russians had entered the country since mobilisation began. Georgian authorities report that from 17 September until 29 September, nearly 94,000 Russian citizens had entered the country. Moreover, EU border management agency Frontex estimated that over the past week, 66,000 Russian nationals had entered the EU, which is about 30% higher than the week before.

Demography experts with the Higher School of Economics pointed out in an article for Demoscope Weekly that in the period from January to June 2022, Russia’s population decreased by nearly 481,000 people, which is 56% higher than the corresponding figures for 2021.

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