Three drafted men die at Russian army training centre

Three mobilised men have died at an army training centre located in the settlement of Poroshino in Russia’s Yekaterinburg region, local news outlet EAN reports, citing Russian State Duma MP Maxim Ivanov.

“Yes, I confirm that three people have died. One of the mobilised men died from a heart attack, another one committed suicide. The third one was discharged and sent home, where he died from cirrhosis of the liver,” he said.

ASTRA news outlet earlier reported the suicide of a 46-year-old resident of Russia’s Kurgan. The man’s body was found on 1 October in the canteen of the army training centre in the settlement of Poroshino, where Military Unit 31612 is located. According to reporters, wounds were found on the man’s neck. A blade was found nearby.

EAN points out that earlier, an alcohol ban was introduced in Poroshino.

Russia’s Novosibirsk region also banned the sale of alcohol in shops located near the draft offices and the higher military command school. The same ban was introduced in the Zabaykalsky region and the Tarbagatay district of Buryatia.

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