Footage of alleged mass execution of Armenian POWs and brutal abuse of corpses appears online. Graphic video

A video that allegedly shows Armenian prisoners of war being shot by Azerbaijani soldiers has spread on social media.


Press secretary of Armenia’s Ministry of Defence Aram Torosyan called the video authentic. He noted that they could not currently establish “any concrete data about the location and time” of the footage.

“Relevant authorities are now analysing the footage. In terms of authenticity, we believe there is no doubt, this is the typical signature of the Azerbaijani armed forces,” Torosyan told ARMENPRESS.

He added that the “signature is known to us and the international community from the undeniable evidence of similar cases that happened in the past as well”.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan also commented on the footage, saying that the international community “should strongly condemn & address this war crime” and take appropriate measures to halt Azerbaijan’s aggression.

“Armenia will use all available international mechanisms to ensure investigation and accountability. Such acts of violence should be addressed properly, with consequences for the aggressor,” he tweeted.

Armenia’s ombudswoman Kristinne Grigoryan also confirmed the authenticity of the video with the execution of the POWs and said that the shooting had occurred on 13 September, reports Novosti-Armenia.

Furthermore, Telegram channel Bagramyan 26 has published a video which allegedly shows brutalised and tortured corpse of Armenian servicewomen. In the footage, there are corpses with severed body parts and writings on them. The tortured bodies lie on top of one another among the stones.

In the middle of September, Head of Armenia’s General Staff Eduard Asryan declared that Azerbaijani soldiers had killed and dismembered an Armenian servicewoman.

"I draw your attention to the atrocities committed by Azerbaijani Armed Forces units against our servicemen, even a servicewoman. I have these photos and video material in my phone, I can show you. There are such atrocities there that it is impossible to watch. I will show you this video, there are no words to describe it, you can see how they dismembered a woman soldier, cut off her legs, fingers, stripped her naked, it's just the last degree of atrocity. This is a violation of international humanitarian norms," Asryan said during a meeting with ambassadors of 30 countries and representatives of international organisations on September 16.

Back then, Armenia’s ombudswoman Kristinne Grigoryan asked not to share the footage in order not to “help the Azerbaijani propaganda”.

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