Mongolia to issue residence permits to all Russian citizens that apply for one

Mongolia’s Immigration Agency has made a decision to issue residence permits to all Russian citizens that apply for one, report Mongolian media, citing head of the agency’s immigration department Nerguin Uuganbayar.

“Russian citizens are applying for permits to stay in Mongolia for a certain amount of time. In this context, a decision was made to issue residence permits of the appropriate category to Russian citizens that had applied for one,” Uuganbayar said.

Russian citizens can stay in Mongolia without a visa for 30 days and have the right to extend their stay for another 30 days one time. To stay in the country for longer, they need a type of visa that one receives before arriving in the country. Before now, Russian citizens could receive a residence permit only on the basis of having the appropriate visa category, the Immigration Agency of Mongolia clarified.

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More on mobilisation

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On 21 September, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on “partial mobilisation”. Since then, Russian citizens have been actively leaving the country.

It is reported that over 6,000 Russians have entered the territory of Mongolia since the start of the “partial mobilisation”.

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