Russia to set up draft office on Kazakhstan border

Russia will soon set up a draft office at a border checkpoint in the Astrakhan region where a huge line of cars leaving for Kazakhstan has been up for days, RIA Novosti cites local authorities.

Moreover, the “high-alert mode” has been announced near the Karauzek border checkpoint. Serik Zhumangarin, Kazakhstan’s Minister of Trade and Integration, says his country would not close its border for Russian nationals, Tengrinews reports.

“Russians are a fraternal people to us. The people up there are in dire straits. 80 years ago our grandfathers fought together, so how can we close the border now? What is this going to look like? That would be disrespectful towards ourselves, I think. Our nation is a hospitable nation, and a friendly one. We once welcomed 100 peoples to our territory back in the day,” he said.

Russia set up a draft office near the Georgian border earlier.

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