Russia promises to write off loan debts of mobilised men killed in action

Russia’s mobilised men, should they be killed in action or become disabled, will have all their loan debts made null and void, a governmental website says.

Russia’s State Duma adopted a law on loans regarding mobilised citizens yesterday, which says that the mobilised men and their families may apply for payment breaks. The law also reads that “getting killed in action or becoming a disabled person of the highest category makes all loan debts null and void.”

The banks are to compensate for the losses, not the government, Russia’s Treasury says.

Vladimir Putin declared “partial mobilisation” on 21 September. The Bank of Russia then suggested that banks and loan holders should “be flexible” with mobilised people who wish to delay their payment or get a discount. Banks were also advised not to fine the mobilised men and not to evict them or their families from mortgage-acquired properties.

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