Echo of Moscow radio to re-establish

Echo of Moscow, a radio station closed in early March by Russia’s authorities, will be re-established as Echo, Maxim Kurnikov, the project’s leader, says.

The new media outlet will be home to all the content the station’s ex-presenters are creating.

“They are independent from each other, and we shall not dictate any specific policy. Our goal is to bring them together technically. I think we’re going to have an application and a website, just like in the old days,” Kurnikov said.

Echo is going to become publicly available on Monday, 3 October. They are already available on Twitter and Telegram. Kurnikov says both Alexander Plyushchev and Tatyana Felgenhauer, currently with Deutsche Welle, will be involved. The new media outlet will be donation-funded.

Echo of Moscow, founded 1990, used to be a 24/7 commercial Russian radio station based in Moscow. It was known for its liberal rhetoric and respect to freedom of speech, although technically controlled by Gazprom Media. The station was taken off air on 1 March by Roskomnadzor as a result of its coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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