Chechnya authorities draft over 500 ethnic Chechens including those that live in other regions

Chechnya authorities have drafted over 500 ethnic Chechens despite Ramzan Kadyrov’s public refusal to mobilise men, as per a list of conscripts our source has provided us.

Many of the conscripted men are permanently resided in other regions of Russia but registered with Chehnya’s migration service. As our source says, those are ethnic Chechens who applied for international passports at the Chechen migration service when the mobilisation began. They were immediately detained by local police.

They have all been forcibly brought to military bases in Chechnya. They are now undergoing training and will soon be sent to the battlezone in Ukraine.

Reports that Chechen men are being kidnapped while applying for foreign passports appeared earlier on social media. Chechnya is also drafting people who wish to officially change their region of residence.

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Ramzan Kadyrov announced earlier that he would not mobilise men in Chechnya as the region “surpassed the quota by 254%.”

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