Meduza says Russia plans to draft 1.2 million people, Putin’s spokesman denies

Russia is planning to draft 1.2 million people into its army during the so-called “partial mobilisation” it announced on Wednesday, Meduza cites its source.

A total of 16,000 and 3,200 people are expected to be drafted in Moscow and Saint Petersburg respectively, various other sources report. The general strategy is to draft as few people as possible in provincial capitals and to look for soldiers “in the countryside where there are fewer media, political activists, and where the general support for the Ukraine War is higher,” Meduza cites its source.

Dmitry Peskov, Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, has reacted to Meduza’s findings, calling them “lies". He revealed earlier that the number of people subject to draft is stated in the secret article 7 of Putin’s mobilisation decree, the only article that hasn’t been published and reads “for internal use”.

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Novaya Gazeta. Europe reported yesterday that this article allows to draft a million people; Peskov also denied this.

Vladimir Putin introduced “partial mobilisation” in Russia on 21 September. Defence Minister Shoigu later revealed that 300,000 people would be drafted.

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