Ukraine’s Zelensky calls on UN to remove Russia’s right of veto at UN Security Council and establish war crimes tribunal

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke at the 77th session of the UN General Assembly in New York. The transcript of his speech was published on the Ukrainian leader’s official website.

Zelensky started his speech calling on the international community to punish Russia for the attack on Ukraine. “Ukraine demands punishment for trying to steal our territory. Punishment for the murders of thousands of people. Punishment for tortures and humiliations of women and men. Punishment for the catastrophic turbulence that Russia provoked with its illegal war and not only for us, Ukrainians, but for the whole world. For every nation that is represented in this Hall of the UN General Assembly,” the politician said.

Zelensky also urged the UN to establish a special tribunal “to punish Russia for the crime of aggression against our state”. The president noted that Ukraine had prepared precise steps to establish such a tribunal, which will be presented to all states.

Besides, the Ukrainian leader offered “a peace formula”, a package of measures to ensure security not only for Ukraine, but “for anyone who may find themselves in similar circumstances” as Ukraine. “It is a formula that punishes crime, protects life, restores security and territorial integrity,” he said.

As a punishment for Russia, Zelensky also offered to remove its right of veto at the UN Security Council.

“So long as the aggressor is a party to decision-making in the international organisations, he must be isolated from them — at least until aggression lasts. Reject the right to vote. Deprive delegation rights. Remove the right of veto — if it is a Member of the UN Security Council. In order to punish the aggressor within the institutions,” Zelensky explained.

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Earlier, US President Joe Biden also presented a speech at the UN General Assembly. He spoke about expanding the UN Security Council, which currently includes 15 states. Five of those states — Russia, the US, China, the UK and France — have the right of veto.

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