Over 1,000 people protesting mobilisation detained in 38 Russian cities

At least 826 people have been detained in 37 Russian cities at protests against mobilisation as of 21:00, OVD-Info, a human rights group that monitors political arrests, reports.

According to the project, at least 265 people were detained in Moscow. There are at least 263 detained protesters in St. Petersburg.

Updated 21:59

At least 1,026 people have been detained in 38 Russian cities as of 21:27 Moscow time, OVD-Info stated. At least 394 protesters were detained in Moscow and at least 376 were detained in St. Petersburg.

In St. Petersburg, police made protesters kneel in front of the Russian Museum, Bumaga news outlet reports, citing an onlooker. According to the man who shot the video, the protesters tried to run away and jumped over the fence, but the police caught up to them.

Another video appeared on social media showing policemen carrying off a woman lying unconscious on the ground in Moscow.

Earlier today, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilisation of troops in Russia. According to the presidential order, those who previously served in the Armed Forces, have certain military occupational specialties and the corresponding experience are eligible for mobilisation. Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu stated that a total of 300,000 reservists would be drafted.

Chairman of the Russian State Duma Defence Committee Andrey Kartapolov noted that there are no additional travel restrictions for reservists in Russia due to the partial mobilisation.

Following the statements by Putin and Shoigu, Russian political movement Vesna announced protests against mobilisation all across Russia.

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