Two people killed in shelling of Ukraine’s Nikopol district by Russian forces

Two men were killed, two more men and a woman were injured in the shelling of Ukraine’s Nikopol district in the Dnipro region by Russian forces, governor of the Dnipro region Valentyn Reznichenko reports.

Photo: Valentyn Reznichenko’s Telegram channel

Photo: Valentyn Reznichenko’s Telegram channel

“In the afternoon, Russians struck the Pokrovsk, Chervonohryhorivka and Nikopol districts. They used Grads [multiple rocket launchers] and heavy artillery. They aimed 60 projectiles at civilians. The extent of the damage is currently being verified. Rescue workers and police are working on the scene,” Reznichenko stated.

According to the governor, Russia struck the Nikopol district three times overnight with Grads and heavy artillery.

“Nikopol was under fire twice. At about midnight, about 30 Russian projectiles were launched there. Three people were injured, a 49-year-old woman and two men, aged 26 and 82,” he wrote, adding that several dozen residential buildings were damaged in the attack, along with cars, gas pipelines and powerlines. A kindergarten, several shops, a hair salon and a local administration building were also damaged in the shelling, he said.

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