Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant reconnected to Ukraine’s electricity grid

The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant has been reconnected to Ukraine’s electricity grid, the International Atomic Energy Agency reports.

The facility’s engineers have repaired one of the four main external power lines that have all been damaged during the Ukraine War.

Enerhoatom, Ukraine’s nuclear power operator, reported shutting the plant down on 11 September, several days after the facility was disconnected from the Ukrainian power grid.

The plant first disconnected from Ukraine’s grid on 25 August; its own electricity needs were powered by the local thermal power plant.

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The IAEA experts published a report after visiting the facility in early September. The report said that creating a “protection zone” around the facility’s premises was a necessary solution to prevent the potential damages caused by shelling which might lead to “a nuclear incident.” Moreover, the report noted that the facility’s personnel was in low spirits and physically exhausted.

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